For Men

More and more, men are seeking new ways to maintain a healthy feeling and youthful appearance to gain confidence in the workplace and in their personal life.

What sort of procedures are men choosing? Men go for Botox and for soft tissue fillers like collagen and Juvederm (a filler developed in France with less likelihood of causing allergic reaction than those based on bovine products). They fill up depressions or even out deep folds. They also seek Intense Pulse Light treatments for rosacea and to correct pore size and sun damage. It is this sort of non-invasive treatment that allows them to just go back to work without anyone knowing anything beyond the fact that they look good.

We’ve provided a list of some of our treatment options below. Please click on a link to learn more, and contact us today to book a personalized consultation to address your specific needs.

Hair Removal

Gentle,long lasting hair removal for chest, shoulders and back.

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Body Contouring

VelaShape Cellulite and Contour Therapy contours, shapes and slims the body and reduces areas such as love handles.

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Skin Care

Safely, quickly and very effectively treats acne, pigmentation and redness.

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Massage and Chiropractic

Treat for an aching back or an old sport’s injury.

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Medical Skin Care

Restore the glow and softness of healthy, younger looking skin. Treats acne scars, wrinkles and furrows.

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